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#1 Mormon Battalion Historic Site 

Don’t let the name rob you of an enlightening experiencing. This history-packed location will appeal to persons outside of the Mormon faith. This site features a research room featuring historical artifacts and engaging displays for knowledge-seekers. Location employees and video presentations convey an accurate representation of how people of previous generations lived. Younger members of the families will enjoy panning for “gold” souvenirs at the tour’s end.

#2 Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum

Next we’re landing this list at the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum. Though entry is free, the staff much appreciates donations. This museum showcases over 30 aircrafts from World War II (WWII). Throughout the museum, friendly and knowledgeable employees share information on the exhibits–which crafts were used to train military men and which served as fighter jets. It’s one of the ideal family adventures in San Diego; children–as well as adults–will be fascinated at the prospect of climbing into the cockpit of a WWII jet fighter.

#3 Old Town Model Railroad Depot 

This surprisingly spacious gem is one of the more unique, free kid-friendly things to do in San Diego. Whether you harbor a longtime interest in railroads or are merely curious about the craft of modeling trains and their accessories, this is a worthwhile stop while in San Diego.

#4 Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve 

Entering this Nature Reserve by car can set you back $20, but if you choose to enter by foot, you can explore the natural beauty, coastal views, and rocky terrains full of animal life and thriving flora free of charge. There are several trails to hike, one of which leads to the beach. As one of the trails can take over an hour despite this nature spot’s humble size in comparison to some of California’s more popular hiking trails, be sure to pack water and snacks–particularly if you are bringing children.

#5 Map and Atlas Museum of La Jolla 

Step back into history, into a time before you could pull out your smartphone’s GPS system to plan logistics or understand where you were in location to another state or country. This impressive museum commemorates the art of cartography and inspires visitors to consider the evolution of human knowledge.There are over 200 maps in the museum, some dating back to the 13th century–that’s the era during which the notorious Genghis Khan commenced his bloody rule. See what mankind got wrong, and what we got right, as we mapped the world around us.

#6 The Desert Garden 

On the side of a San Diego canyon, the Desert Garden serves as an excellent way for people to see succulents and exotic cacti from around the globe. Travellers from areas isolated from deserts will be especially pleased to observe this collection of desert plants in an easy to browse outdoor location. It’s an out-of–the-way destination, so properly understand where you’re heading before seeking out this location.

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#7 Museum of Contemporary Art 

This museum is split into two locations in San Diego, each boasting beautiful views for patrons as they walk through either museum’s halls admiring the beauty of modern art and the spirit of creativity it inspires. The downtown location is currently open, but the La Jolla site is undergoing construction as they quadruple the area of the premises. This spot is free for patrons under 25, students of any age, as well as military members and their families. If you’re ineligible or any of the above deals, you can ride your bike to the museum to snag free entry.

#8 Tijuana Estuary

This spot is located in Imperial City, the most southwestern city in the United States. The visitor’s center provides informative pamphlets about the areas you’ll explore and the trail maps weaving throughout the park, some of which offer resting spots of green where you can enjoy an afternoon of birdwatching, for which California is well-known. Despite being one of the more quiet things to do in San Diego and its associated localities, the setting is loud with nature’s calls and seasonal winds.

#9 Taylor Museum Tours 

Ever wonder about the manufacturing processes behind a guitar? Probably not, but if you’re taking a trip to budget-friendly trip to San Diego, now is a good time to start. The Taylor Factor offers guided tours through their facilities at 1pm on Monday-Friday, excluding factories. Participants will leave with a developed understanding of how guitars transform from raw slabs of wood to one of the world’s most soothing instruments.  Though the company warns this may not be an ideal place to bring small children due to certain technical elements of the trip, you’ll find it one of the more intriguing things to do in san diego with teenagers.

#10 Friday Night Liberty 

This is a must-have addition to any hipster San Diego summer guide, granted your San Diego adventure falls on the first Friday of the month. Each month features different art galleries, museums, live performances, and art studios for the city masses. Internationally recognized artists often make appearances to showcase their art and music at this event celebrating fashion and the influence of art.


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